Florida Keys Boat Rentals - Frequently Asked Questions

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Florida Keys Sunsets.....
You will find the sunset hour a great time to spend on a boat, a few snacks, possibly a libation or two and a significant other, whew! It just doesn't get better than this.....

Sunsets are so popular in the Keys, they are rated by the fans, a good sunset on Mallory Square in Key West gets cheers and some clapping. Many local waterfront restaurants are popular gathering spots for the sunset view - everyone trying to get a glimpse of the "green flash" just as the sun sets - it's very rare, and the clouds and atmospherics have to be perfect.

I rented a boat for 3 days and two of those days had terrible weather, windy, high seas and advisories were out - am I stuck for the rental?
    Even here in paradise, we can get some windy days that may deter you from getting bounced around oceanside, but usually, it's ok on the bayside or nearshore, so it's not all that much of a problem. We will try to give some future credits on weekly rentals on a case by case basis.

I have never driven a boat before, will I have problems?
   Probably, we don't like to get our equipment all bruised by beginners. If we haven't dealt with you before, we like to meet our rental customers and acquaint them with the boat. Occasionally, we insist that you hire a qualified captain to drive for you. Boating in the Keys can be a rewarding experience, and boating safety is always important - novice or expert.

Can I go out and catch the big ones, like a marlin or sailfish, or do I have to go with a charter?
   The big fish just don't jump in the boat, and some skill (and luck!) is required. The fish don't know if the other end of the line is attached to a 300,000 dollar charter boat with a grizzled old charter captain with years of experience. A boat, pole and a few live shrimp almost guarantees supper on the table, novice or expert. We can provide an experienced captain to give you some fishing tips and get you started - we've even been known to run out extra ice and some sandwiches when the action is hot. The key here is, we want you to enjoy the best our Florida Keys has to offer and we will help you any way we can to make this happen.

Can I catch some lobsters?
   You betcha, season runs from the 2 day mini season in late July, with regular season opening August 6th thru March 31. An additional stamp affixed to a non-resident fishing license is req'd  - they are available for tourists at a savings over a year-long license. Included with the license are guidelines You will need to read and heed on bag limits, sizes and the local no-take areas such as marked areas of the reef and local private docks and structures. You can catch lobster with simple snorkel masks or scuba diving equipment, "lobster assassination" kits are for sale everywhere - inexpensive kits with tickle sticks, size gauge, net, gloves, etc. We have some of these items on hand, but they go fast.
Links to rules and regs

Is there an age requirement?
Under 21 you must have completed a boater safety course. 18 years old - minimum.

Can I rent a boat and use it anywhere I want?
Probably not to smart to take it to Cuba, but other than that, sure. You may make arrangements to rent it in one location and drop it off in another, or we can even let you use a boat in another area of the Keys. For example, your rental boat is at your vacation rental dock in the Key Largo area and you want to try some fishing in the Key West area, too - if you make prior arrangements, we can accommodate you at no extra charge.

When does my rental start?
If you rent a boat for 1/2 day, your rental starts from the time you leave.  If you rent for a day and don't get started until 10 am,  the time lost is on you. Unless other arrangements are made, we expect daily and half-day rentals to be back at or before 5:30 pm. It can get hard to find the proper channels and your way in after dark.

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